Bastek Coffee & Tea Goods receipt and quality department

Each delivery of raw material in the form of tea, fruit or other additives is carefully analysed. The organoleptic characteristics, extraneous matter content and compliance of the raw material with the specification and the order are checked. Any deviation from the accepted standards shall result in appropriate handling or return of the goods. We have a large storage area, and each storage room is properly adapted and secured.

Laboratory It is here that we test every supply of raw material.

It is here that we test every delivery of raw material, analyze its properties and compliance with documentation. In addition, we prepare new tea blends and select fruit and herbal blends. Here, our experts prepare new tea flavor compositions based on the customer's taste.

Production supervision department

The production supervision department determines work schedules and sequence of performed orders. Production processes are also analysed, as well as timetables and allowances are kept and issued.

Production processes

We have a wide and modern machine park based on reliable and efficient German technology. We produce teas poured in foil packaging and paper boxes, teas cut into single and double-chamber sachets with tags, teas in heat-heatable envelopes.

Trade department

Our sales department will familiarise you with all the possibilities offered by Bastek. Here you will get to know many types of offered products, ways of packaging and you will get an individual, attractive offer. Every inquiry will be pleasantly and professionally answered.

Product design and development

Based on previous guidelines, market requirements and customer opinions, we prepare here a preliminary packaging sketch of the Product being introduced. We determine the artistic values to be met, select appropriate materials, prepare packaging documentation and project documentation. We also undertake design work and provide assistance in this area. Thanks to a long and fruitful cooperation with Offset and Flexographic printers appreciated in Poland, our packaging products have a very high quality of printing, which is limited only by the imagination of the designer.